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Nina Odegard at Research gate

Nina Odegard at academia.edu

I am currently a visiting scholar at Auckland and Hamilton Universities, with Marek Tesar and Sonja Arndt. In November (from the 4th) I am at Monash University, Campus Peninsula, with Iris Duhn. I will also attend the AARE in Canberra and do a workshop in Sydney. My whole stay is three months, and I will be back in Oslo the 4th of January.

This blog is in Norwegian. I had an ambition that I could sum up in English now and then, but that have been proved not that easy. I am sorry. A doctor project is all consuming. Please dont hesitate to contact me if your interested in my work.

7.6.15 My first book is translated to Swedish, by Annika Claesdotter. Published at Lärerförlaget the 17th of June. Återbruk som kreativ kraft

In my latest post is about transforming one language to another, and the importance of a respectful, wise and cooperative translator, as Annika has been. I also write about how pleased I am of the wise and content-rich preface written by Harold Gøthson and the wonderful review by Linda Linder. At last, I thank the «recycling community» for their continued support and enthusiasm for the idea itself. Where will this end?

16.2.15 My first book is published «Recycling as a creative force»

If I manage to translate the norwegian title correct this would be the english title. The book is about how preschool teachers can work with recycled materials in kindergartens. I devided the book in three. In the first part I try to draw the big picture: politics, ethics, sustainability, democracy, artists inspirations and so on. In the second part I discuss different theoretic aspects with recycled materials as gender, bodies, expectations, chaos as a creative force and age. The last part in the book is dedicated to how to do… practical paths to follow or be inspired by so one can try out some of this thinking, doing and working with recycled materials in kindergartens.

Fotografi: Charlotte Nagell

Fotografi: Charlotte Nagell

1.1.15 Aesthetic exploration with recycled materials – In light of materiality (the project´s title)

This blog intends to follow my Ph.d project and all its different paths. There are exciting and challenging times ahead, but I look forward to it with great joy and anticipation. This Ph.d project gives me an opportunity to deepdive into a material I’ve worked with for a long time; reuse materials, preschoolchildren, space and materiality. I will keep up with small english summaries to those who takes interest in my project. Do not hesitate to contact me.

I have published two articles in english:

The two articles is

Odegard, N., & Rossholt, N. (2016). In-between spaces. Tales from a REMIDA.
In A. B. Reinertsen (Ed.), Becoming Earth. A Post Human Turn in Educational Discourse Collapsing Nature/Culture Divides. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers

Odegard, N. (2012) ”When matter comes to matter. Working pedagogially with recycled materials.” Education Inquiry (Linked in my publications)

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