Groups of people exploring material innovation

This is the blog from my friend and phd colleague, Louisa Penfold. This especially post inspired me, it is about groups of people who is exploring material innovation. Maybe it will inspire you too?

Art. Play. Children. Pedagogy.

This is a follow up to my recent post on the role of materials in children’s learning through art. If you have not read this already, I recommend checking it out before reading on. 

Here I present four different organisations – a university research centre, a design consultancy, a creative recycle centre and a children’s art studio – who are all exploring materiality in new and experimental ways. I selected these organisations as I am interested in thinking about how materials are being researched and considered in a collective way, amongst groups of people with diverse interests, skills and expertise.

Bjork Generative System An image illustrating the generation of one of Bjork’s ‘Rottlace’ masks – a collaboration between the musician and the MIT Media Lab’s Mediating Matter group. Image credit:

MIT Media Lab: Mediating Matter group (USA)

I am a massive fan girl of the MIT Media Lab. For those of you…

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